Album Preview – 6th Street Psychosis by Tokyo Taboo

Vibrant London duo Tokyo Taboo release their debut album, 6th Street Psychosis, on the 24th of March through TT Records. Based on what I’ve heard, it promises to be a huge success. The two performers blend catchy choruses and heavy riffs to create a powerful, unrelenting fuzz-pop sound. Think Marmozets meets Paramore, meets P!nk, weird, I know. But trust me, it works.



The ten track album opens with two of the strongest songs on the album Bubblicious and Creator. Mike’s heavy fuzz and Dolly’s powerful vocals threaten to break your speakers on the opener in a bulldozing groove. This onslaught is continued in Creator, creating a high-octane call-to-arms, begging you to get up onto the dance-floor and move until you drop.

Emotional Suicide is the next song to grab your attention, it’s relentless drive drags you along with it, progressively speeding up. You can see why this song can only last two and a half minutes. Over this and the following two songs Dolly and Mike’s feisty characters are on full display: they’re here to play and have a good time, they don’t care what you or the industry think. Each one shows a different aspect of their arsenal; Emotional Suicide with their pop-punk education and roots, Leech with their Hard Rock influences and Make it Out Alive with just their raw power and sheer anger with the world around them.

With N.A.R.C.I.S.M and Pussy Power, the band once again shows their middle fingers to the industry and establishment. The lyrics capture all the catchiness and tone of a run-of-the-mill fuzz-pop song, but they contain meaningful and dark undertones, this band aren’t all image. They want to make a statement too.

Self Sabotage pulls all of this together perfectly to end the album. It combines everything above in a resounding set-closer. It’s everything you love about this band and everything you’ve come to expect.

The band are not completely new to the scene, gaining support from the likes of Radio X and BBC Radio 1. With their debut out later this week, it seems only a matter of time before Tokyo Taboo are sharing a spotlight with the movers and shakers of the British music scene.

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