Album Review – Eat Their Own by The Paranoyds

A modern fairy tale: Beauty and the fuzz laden riffs.


Eat Their Own is the recent release from Los Angeles four-piece The Paranoyds. Released on the second of February, through Hard Feelings Records, the band’s third EP blends garage punk riffs and haunting vocals to produce one of the most striking sounds in the LA scene. DIY Punk, with a couple of exceptions, has been on somewhat of a downwards spiral since the rise of Indie Rock, but with songs like ‘Freak Out’ and ‘Sun Burn’. Eat Their Own shows that Garage Punk is by no means ready to give up the ghost.

The record opens with the doom and gloom of ‘Pet Cemetery’, this is one straight from the 90s. It greets you with the ominous riffs and vocals of Staz and Lexi before building into a wall of noise. The layered guitars play beautifully off of each other bringing forward a sound reminiscent of  Mudhoney or Ty Segall.

Moving swiftly on, we progress to the somewhat more cheery ‘Freak Out’. It contrasts well with the previous track, offering the perfect antidote to the power and fuzz of ‘Pet Cemetery’ instead leaning on the band’s more playful side, it breaks up the mosh pit, and gets the dance floor going.

However, this feel is quickly dispelled in the next two tracks. The garage riffs make a return dripping with fuzz and attitude. These songs won’t be to everyone’s taste, it is a slower, grungier sound, moving away from the blistering roots of punk rock. But let’s be honest, were this band ever going to be for the mainstream audience? However, you can see why The Paranoyds are starting to peak people’s interest, they’re taking the Garage Punk genre, and reworking it, it’s Punk for the indie kids.

‘Sunburn’ ties the EP together. It takes the sludgy riffs of their previous tracks, but works in ‘Freak Out’s’ playful side in a blistering solo. A solo such as this is the last thing that you’d expect to break through the sonic fog of the previous four songs, but it brings the record to a powerful, frenetic close, echoing their adrenaline fuelled punk roots, in an album that straddles the worlds of punk and grunge.

If you want to try a new and unique sound, then this EP is the one for you, depending on your tastes, you’ll listen to it for hours on end, or bury it, never to look back. Eat Their Own is a great sign of things to come, for a band who are ready to take Garage Punk by the horns an wrestle it into relevancy.

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The band’s page is here.

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