Friday 25th of November – The Boileroom, Guildford

When you’re in Guildford on a Friday night and find yourself at a loose end, it’s always worth wandering down to the Boileroom; just to see what’s on. The Boileroom always have something on offer,  they bring in some of the best underground acts from around the country, and sometimes further afield, with something to cater for every taste and let me tell you, they never disappoint.

Friday night was no exception, we found ourselves with three very tasty offerings: up-and-coming dream poppers, Drug Store Romeos, Bristol garage rock band Van Zeller and Norwegian cult heroes Death by Unga Bunga.

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Drug Store Romeos showed us exactly where they’re going in the indie scene: to the top. The three talented musicians blended dreamy melodies and stunning chorus effects, to create an entrancing sound. They were well received by the home crowd, effectively playing in their own back garden, but don’t let that fool you, they weren’t there just to make up the numbers. Despite only being formed this year, the band already have a number of higher profile gigs under their belt including the Duds and Girl Sweat release party and Custard Thruster vol.II. With the whole trio still in college, the only place that they can go is up.

The second supporting act was Van Zeller, they commanded the set with a stage presence completely belying their status. They had technical difficulties to the extreme, with leads being pulled out of guitars, E-strings somehow being snapped, and microphone stands giving up the ghost, but they dealt with everything with style and poise, delivering a one of the most accomplished and enthralling sets you will see. They were loud, angry and bursting with energy, playing everything with blistering speed and passion. Get out and see them while you can!

Finally, it was the turn of our headliners for the night: Death by Unga Bunga. This is a band that don’t take themselves do seriously, as you may have guessed by their name, but this didn’t stop them from handling the stage like seasoned veterans. Unga Bunga captured the crowd from the get-go, they led us through their set with total control, creating an eruption of head banging and dancing throughout the crowd. The band did no harm to their reputation as one of the best live acts around, and we can only hope that another U.K. tour will be on the cards in 2017.

Friday was probably one of the best gigs that I have seen in quite some time, and for £6 on the door, I think that’s money well spent. All I know, is that there are three acts who I will definitely need to see again.


Check out each of the bands’ Facebook page:

Drug Store Romeos, Van Zeller, Death by Unga Bunga.

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