Album Review – Dream Machine by The Blonde Tongues

It must seem that all I post about on this blog is The Blonde Tongues, and to some extent I feel the same. But I would argue it’s justified: this is the sort of band you can get attached to, they’re charming, sincere and show a clear passion for the music they make, they represent all of the good things about underground music. I’ve been sitting around for a couple of months since our interview and the release of ‘Glow’, just sitting and wondering about just when this elusive five track EP would be released. When exactly a week ago, an email dropped into my inbox: ‘Bandcamp: New release from the Blonde Tongues’. The wait was over.


Last time we spoke, singer Mikil Ford had this to say about their then newly released single ‘Glow’: “I think once we get the rest of it out, I think that it will be a lot more positive, like ‘holy crap, you did all this stuff’ But at the moment, with just one song that’s different, I think people are unsure.” Well, I think Mikil and company, have allayed everyone’s fears, yes the Blonde Tongues are no longer a punk band, but now they’re something new, exciting, and different.’Dream Machine’ as an EP, shows huge progression in this band, this group started out as just another Hardcore band in the Florida scene, yes, they were a very good punk band, but that’s not what they wanted to be, and while they have previously conceded that they’re ‘still learning to write together’, this EP is an indicator that this five-piece have turned into a raw, but still very accomplished Indie Rock band.

These tracks show a different side to what this band can do: ‘Glow’ was the transition, it was released as a single prior to the album’s release probably because it still contains hallmarks of their Hardcore roots, the powerful vocals are still there, there is still some distortion, and the screaming lead guitars still reside over their powerful riffs offering some balance and variety. ‘Glow’ is a brilliant song, and even though I’ve listened to it countless times since its release, hitting play at the start of this album still felt like a new and exciting experience.

‘Glow’ is soon followed by ‘June’ and ‘Head Sounds’, these songs are still powerful and uncompromising, they are played with emotion and passion, but they are distinguished by more than a key change. They almost float, it’s simply a freer sound than what we were given before, they really convey that these five musicians are finally able to enjoy themselves and play whatever they want, these songs feel joyous.


‘Guilding Light’ is my favourite song on the album, it may not be the most technical, or even the best song of these five offerings, but to me it conveys everything that I said about this band in the opening paragraph: it is charming, sincere and passionate. But even more simply put, it is a beautiful, accomplished Indie Rock song, elusive, and hard to achieve. The title track plays us out, tieing this album together. It combines all of the positives from its first four predecessors into a dreamy ballad. I don’t want to keep referring to this band’s ‘transformation’ but that’s what this song does, it completes The Blonde Tongues’ metamorphosis into ‘not-just-another-band’.

Having spoken to Mikil and Charlie, and listened to this band since their debut in late 2014, as I’m sure others have, you really get the feeling that the recording of ‘Dream Machine’ was an act of catharsis, they’re finally releasing the music that they want to make, and be as eclectic and experimental as they want, and perhaps, the title ‘Dream Machine’ is indicative of something more. Perhaps this will be the launchpad for something special, maybe a chance to achieve something more, as they put it: “We just want to be at a point where we can whole heartedly say: ‘I am a musician’ not just ‘I am a musician and I work in a burger shop’

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