Album Review – Outlines EP by Phones

Outlines is the debut EP from Bromsgrove based indie band Phones. Blending both psychedelic and indie rock, they achieve an almost ghostly sound. Phones have created their own style with this record, and with any hope, this is a band that should be here to stay.

After opening with the beautiful, flowing instrumentals ‘∆’ and ‘Dissolve’ the record moves into track three: ‘Dreams of Me and You’, this fuses bass grooves, psychedelic leads and beautiful vocals, resulting in a dreamlike indie rock song that captures the imagination like any good psychedelic track should. In fact, it wouldn’t seem out of place in a top 20 album, so the fact it is on Phones’ debut EP makes you wonder about where this band can go. However, this is shortly followed by title track ‘Outlines’. ‘Outlines’ takes everything that the previous song did, and improves on it tenfold, it’s the same sound, but it is beautifully deployed, it is by far the best song on the album, the eponymous track showcases this band’s sound to the best of their ability.

Track five, ‘Antiquity’ follows in the same vein as the previous two songs. A mixture of ethereal lead guitar and transient synths. But track 6 is very different: it shifts more into the funk spectrum of psychedelia, with wonderful grooves from the backing instruments. However the vocals steal the show on this song, they tie the whole thing together, completing the band’s mystical sound. The EP ends with ‘Why Can’t We Both Agree’ at just over six minutes, it is by far the longest song on the EP, it takes everything from it’s six predecessors, showing us in one track everything that Phones showed us in the rest of this EP, with dreamlike instrumentals, ghostly vocals and a wonderful fusion of genres, this track rounds off the debut EP perfectly.

Phones have started something special with the release of ‘Outlines’ and so far it is the record of this summer. 100% required listening for everyone in the indie scene whilst lying outside, soaking up the sun.

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