Album Review – The Funniest Joke You’ve Ever Told by Mallcops


This was gonna be a band write up, but to be honest it’s a bit difficult to do that with a band that has one EP out, and are the other side of the pond from me.

These four out of Boston are creating something very interesting.

The EP opens with the alternative ballad – Muffled Little Eulogies. Joey’s tinny and distinctive vocals grab you immediately, making you listen just that little bit more closely. The simple variation of dynamics in this song, give it just that little more depth.

Song 2, Ambulances. This is the best track on the album. The pace picks up, and the true sound of this band is revealed. Not every song can be a ballad, and Mallcops show exciting versatility here, and the   chorus is something special.

The tone coming from their guitars is wonderful throughout this album.

Violent Train Tracks continues in very much the same fashion as the previous song. 80 Reasons Why is the final track; it is wonderful, it combines the emo ballad and pop punk, to create something unique to Mallcops. I would expect these guys to be on runforcoverrecords’ books pretty soon. *cough*

Top Track: Ambulances                                                                          Rating: 8/10


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